Our Services

Whether you’re seeking a structural inspection of your existing property or planning for new construction, HomeWorthy Engineering, PLLC, is by your side every step of the way. From the first assessment to the final report, your licensed engineer takes the time to know you and your property. We design and recommend practical solutions that best meet your needs and help you plan for the future. Our services include written reports and structural design plans, with the authority of a licensed professional engineer’s seal.


When you’re preparing for new construction or a renovation, you need a plan that’s built to last. By partnering with us during the planning and structural design process, you can feel confident the final result will be safe, sensible and building code compliant.

Structural design

Whether you’re building something new or adding something on, we’ll partner with you from the start to optimize the structural design and performance of your project. Our structural plans are intended for use by the general contractor during construction. They’re building code compliant and can be submitted to the local jurisdiction to obtain a building permit. 

Retaining wall design

Retaining walls are complex structures, and they’re often critical support for your building or home’s foundation. Whether you’re building your retaining wall with concrete, concrete masonry units (CMU) or segmental blocks, we’ll help you land on a fail-proof design. 

Structural underpinning and deep foundation system design

Your property is only as strong as its foundation. We can determine if structural underpinning is needed to stabilize the foundation of your existing property or new construction. Whether helical piles, concrete caissons, polyurethane foam injection, or other systems are needed, we provide structural underpinning designs specifically fit to meet your property’s needs. 

Waterproofing and drainage systems

Water infiltration can cause significant structural damage over time, but it can be stopped or prevented with the right systems in place. From new construction to existing buildings, we design and recommend waterproofing and flashing system solutions to protect the structural integrity of your property.


If you have structural damage or specific structural concerns at your existing property, a licensed structural engineer from our company will assess those issues and identify potential causes. After the inspection, we’ll provide a written report with our findings and recommendations for resolving the issues.

Due diligence for real estate

Before buying a property, you want to ensure it’s structurally sound. If your home inspector found specific concerns, we examine them and help you determine their impact. Then we provide a written report with recommended structural solutions and estimated costs to fix the issues. 

Framing inspections

Your property’s long-term stability depends on its frame and foundation. Before insulation has been installed, we confirm the frame and foundation are building code compliant and built per the structural design plans.

Structural concerns or damages

When you spot cracks, sloped floors, or other signs of structural distress, you want answers, fast. We inspect your structural concerns thoroughly to diagnose the problem, then recommend solutions to fix them.

Retaining and basement foundation walls

Cracks. Leaning. Bowing. These are a few issues that can occur in retaining and basement foundation walls. If you have any of these concerns, we can provide engineered solutions to repair and stabilize it.

Water protection systems

When you find water or moisture damage, you need to stop it in its tracks. Whether it’s due to poor waterproofing and flashing systems, poor crawlspace moisture control, or something else, we’ll get to the root cause and provide practical solutions to address the issues. 


Is your new addition possible? Will it mean changes to the foundation? These are some of the questions we’ll help you answer when preparing for a renovation. With our consulting services, you’ll discover if your plan is feasible, how it impacts the rest of your structure and what needs to happen to make it all possible. Once the renovation starts, we can provide periodic inspections to ensure it is building code compliant and built per design specifications.